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Greenway Transportation Planning is a Minnesota transportation planning consultancy specializing in multi-modal transport strategies. John Mark, our principal, has 20 years of experience in transit-intensive cities in the US, Ireland, the United Kingdom, southeast Asia and China. He has worked extensively on transit studies, parking studies, traffic analysis, pedestrian and cycle facility planning for >Arup, one of the world's leading consulting engineering firms. Our input will therefore bring national and international best practice insight in station planning to the development of local solutions.

Past projects include the development of strategic plans for the Diridon Station area in San Jose, California, development of Access and TOD guidelines for the San Francisco-area BART system, station-area plan for Dublin's new underground rail line, and numerous other station planning and TOD strategies for rail, LRT, and bus transit interchanges in Ireland, the UK and Asia. He brings this significant national and international project experience to local projects.

Since establishing in Minnesota, we have been involved in local activities and projects aimed at enhancing and promoting transit, pedestrian and cycle facilities. John Mark serves on the Central Corridor Station Area Planning Steering Committee overseeing the development of station area plans. John Mark is past chairman of St Paul Smart Trips a local nonprofit dedicated to promoting choice in transportation. He has also provided professional input to the development of cycle and pedestrian strategies for communities in the Twin Cities. This insight has given him a solid base for applying his broad knowledge to the local context.

Greenway is registered as a DBE under Minnesota’s unified certification program.

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