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Promoting Sustainable Mobility

Promoting Sustainable Mobility


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Greenway football stadium planning work delivers


(May 21, 2014) Super Bowl 2018 – Greenway is proud to be part of the team bringing and hosting the 2018 Superbowl LII. With construction work in full swing we continue to work with the MSFA, Vikings, Metro Transit and the City of Minneapolis to refine the transportation elements  of the Minnesota Vikings football stadium.


We are on a team of seven firms awarded the civil engineering portion of this large project and lead in assessing pedestrian and vehicle circulation.

Applying best practice in pedestrian planning

(Feb. 7, 2013)  We are gearing up to use the most advanced tools in traffic simulation. From using PEDROUTE in 1990 to VISWALK in 2013, we remain in the forefront of innovation in pedestrian planning.

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Recent Projects
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What we do

>Greenway works with government agencies, consultant partners and community / non-profit organizations to make transportation accessible and sustainable. We offer: