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Greenway and ACS team up to do traffic surveys

(August 15, 2017) Greenway and ACS have teamed up to handle traffic data collection projects. Our partnership ensures reliable service every step of the way. We understand your need for fast and reliable traffic data. You can count on us to deliver timely and quality results. Our expertise and experience in traffic data analysis and modeling ensures our results are tailored to meet your needs. We offer:
  • Accurate data through stringent quality controls
  • Reliable local expertise
  • Time and money savings up front and over time
  • Innovative equipment to suit your needs
See our brochure for more information.

Greenway expands survey and traffic safety portfolio

(Sept. 1, 2015) Since being awarded its first statewide seatbelt survey in 2012, Greenway has built an impressive data collection project portfolio. We have:
  • Achieved the full 4-year extension of the seat belt survey contract
  • Designed an electronic data collection tool for the child auto restraint survey that reduces errors and speeds analysis (2014)
  • Developed a program for evaluating the state's ignition interlock program  (2014, ongoing)
  • Developed a program for evaluating distracted driving across the state (2015)

We're proud of our contribution to keeping our transportation network safe. These studies support law enforcement efforts and evaluate the success of Minnesota’s traffic safety laws. Information from these studies also helps to target media messages.

Greenway selected for football stadium planning

(Jan. 18, 2013) Greenway has been selected to do the transportation planning for the $975 million Minnesota Vikings football stadium.


Greenway is on a team of seven firms awarded the civil engineering portion of this large project. John Mark Lucas of Greenway is taking the lead in assessing pedestrian and vehicle circulation. 


The new stadium and its grounds will be a year-round, multi-use venue for NFL football games and for community events. Read more about the vision for this stadium.


The new stadium, to open in 2016, will replace the 30-year-old Metrodome, on the existing site in downtown Minneapolis. The location in a busy urban area presents interesting challenges for Greenway. The objective is to have a truly multi-modal transportation strategy that optimizes use of the light rail and other public transit, charter buses, bicycles and private cars. We aim to make a great game-day experience for everyone who comes to a game, no matter how they choose to get there. 


Previous large, multi-modal projects for us include Dublin Airport and Lansdowne Road / Aviva stadium in Ireland.


Greenway has already begun work on the Vikings stadium project, beginning with review of the existing transportation environment, collecting traffic data and identifying unmet needs for the existing 65,000-seat stadium as a baseline for the new stadium. 


Read more about this project from the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority.

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